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This girl is awesome and stared in the best TV show ever, in my opinion, called Dark Angel. If you haven't seen it...see it damn it!

Jessica Marie Alba was born in Pomona, California, on April 28, 1981. Jessicas family moved to Biloxi, Mississippi while Jessica was very young. Her father was in the Air Force and the family moved to Del Rio, Texas. Jessica grew up in various cities across the US.
She has spent most of her 21years in Texas and California, and has traveled to international locales including Fiji, London and Australia for her work.

Jessica had always wanted to become an actress since she very young. She started acting at age 12. Her lucky break came in '93. The star of the comedy Camp Nowhere dropped and Jessica assumed the characterGail. She later landed more appearances in movies and tv shows (scroll up for listings). In '99 she played the leading role in the movie Paranoid. Jessica studied acting at New York's acclaimed Atlantic Theatre Company.

She starred in Dark Angel, the Sci-fi television series on Fox created by James Cameron and Charles Eglee. She played the character of Max, a young girl who escapes from a secret government agency called Project Manticore, who created her in a lab. She is a sexy and talented actress and recently starred in the independent film, The Sleeping Dictionary. Her current projects include Honey,a movie about a young dancer. she stars along side lil Romeo, an up and coming young rapper.

Her co-star on Dark Angel (2000 - 2002), Micheal Weatherly proposed to her on April 28th, her birthday. They are currently engaged. Jessica says she would like to have kids in her 30's. She likes to listen to jungle trance and sometimes hip hop when in the mood. Jessica enjoys doing activities such as scuba-diving, horseback-riding, cycling and motorcycling.


Source: JessicaAlba.CA