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I just love these sites!

*I have a journal here, so you can read it by typing in my user name SpikeMinoda0011*

Exactly what it says, just some great sites about great celebs.

Just a great ol' site with lots of info about movies and shit like that.

Awesome Linkin Park fansite with great pics.

We all know what eBay is, so go buy some stuff of mine.

Lovely Avril site!
wonderful webmistress!

Should warn you that it's very sexual, but enticing at the same time, so check it out and I have some stuff there. My author name is mu5icBtcH. If you don't like stories with graphic sex and angsty stuff, don't go here.

This site has clothes that I think every person should consider buying if you have not already.

Another great movie info site.

Probably the best LP site out there, with the best photo gallery I've ever seen.

I know, I know soap opera...pathetic, but check out some of it's incredibly far-fetched plots. It's pretty funny actually.