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NAME: Chester (Chazy Chaz)
DOB: March 20, 1976

Audio Technica Wireless Mics
Yamaha SPX 990
Takamine guitars
DVS/Matix action figure steelo
Random Facts:
  • Before Grey Daze, when Chester was 15 he played in a band called "Sean Dowdell and Friends" in which he was the lead singer. Currently the only existing evidence of this band is a 3 song tape that includes the following songs: "Painted Pictures" "Kill The Flies" and "God's Afraid".
  • Chester's siblings are children from one of his step-parent's previous marraige. Chester's biological parents got divorced when he was 11.
  • Samantha gave birth to a baby boy, named Draven Sebastian Bennington, on April 19th, 2002. He is the couple's first child.

  • Chester has been married to Samantha ever since October 31st, 1996. This halloween (2002), they will be together for 6 years. Chester was 20 years old when he got married.
  • Chester has designed some clothing for a company called Replicant, owned by Korn's Head and Orgy's Ryan Shuck
  • Somewhere around 10-14 Chester was into hip-hop.
  • Before Linkin Park, when Chester was 16 he played in a band called 'Grey Daze' which recorded two albums, 'No Sun Today' and 'Wake Me' until later breaking-up.
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