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NAME: Rob Bourdon
DOB: January 20, 1979

Gretsch kit
Gibraltar Hardware
Zildjian cymbals
Remo heads
Vater sticks
Rane headphone amp
Alesis DM-5 drum module
Shure E-1 in-ear monitors
D-drum trigger pads
Random Facts:
  • Bourdon was inspired to become a drummer after he saw an Aerosmith concert. His mom actually knows the drummer of Aerosmith, so Rob had a very close-up look at the band performing.
  • Rob has been drumming ever since he was 11.
  • His first real performance was at "The Roxy" in Los Angeles in 1995
  • Rob's first performance ever was at a party in Grade 6.
  • Rob went to school with Incubus.
  • Rob was born in Calabasas, California on January 20th, 1979.
  • Rob didn't have to re-record any of his drum samples for reanimation, so he was appointed to listen to each track on the remix album and voice his opinions. If he didn't like it, he would say so, and they would change it to make it better. You could say Rob helped improve the album.
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