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Dave Farrell
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NAME: David Michel Farrell (Pheonix)
DOB: February 8, 1977

Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray basses
Ampeg SVT Classic heads
Ampeg SVT Classic cabinets
Dean Markley Blue Steel strings
Dunlop Picks (.88)
DBX 160 compressor
Monster cables
Sans Amp
Boss pedals
Whirlwind direct boxes
Shure wireless
Random Facts:
  • Phoenix was born and gew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts until later moving to Mission Viejo, CA
  • After touring with 'The Snax' for about a year and a half, Phoenix rejoined Linkin Park in time to make it into the Crawling video
  • Phoenix was the bass player in Xero, Linkin Park's original name
  • Phoenix was previously in a band called 'Tasty Snax' until returning to Linkin Park a few months after Hybrid Theory's release. Mark Fiore from the retitled 'The Snax' is seen several times in 'Frat Party At Pankake Festival', Linkin Park's DVD
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